Oticon Remote Control 2.0

Oticon Remote Control 2.0
Oticon Remote Control 2.0
Brand: Oticon
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Oticon Remote Control 2.0 – discreet control, wireless control and more confidence

The new wireless Remote Control is simple to operate, fits snugly in the palm and has just three buttons. Users can adjust the volume and switch between different programs with ease. This gives them more control of the sound they hear – no more fuss or fiddling with hearing instruments. Completely wireless, so it can be tucked away in your pocket, ready to use at any time. A Remote Control at the ready can give a great confidence boost to your clients. It also adds even greater value to all Oticon wireless hearing instruments.

Be in control of your Oticon hearing instruments

From the palm of your hand

Empower yourself by giving them the possibility of taking control of their hearing instruments.

Taking control is now possible, and simple, with Oticon’s new remote control is backwards compatible with all wireless hearing instruments

(Feel free to drop us a message if you are not sure about your hearing aids)

The new Remote Control 2.0 offers the possibility to adjust the volume or change programs, discreetly, from the palm of their hand.

  • High reliability
  • Robust design
  • Small size
  • Simple to use
  • Three buttons
Package includes: 
  • Remote Control (Measurement: 7.5cm long, 3.5width, 1.2cm height)
  • AAAA Batteries
  • User guide leaflet
  • Inclusive FedEx shipping to worldwide (5 working days)

The Remote Control needs to be set up with your hearing aids by your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser before use. 

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