Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0

Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0
Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0 Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0 Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0
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Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0

The Oticon ConnectLine TV adapter 2.0 takes the TV sound and wirelessly transmits a high fidelity signal to Streamer 1.4, Ponto Streamer or Streamer Pro for an optimal TV experience. This dedicated  solution for TV listening is easy to install and creates a high-end, natural sounding TV experience.

As part of the ConnectLine system, the TV application stays connected by the AutoConnect feature and works seamlessly and simultaneously with other applications such as home phone, cell phone and music player. The TV sound arrives directly to the user’s hearing instruments via the Oticon Streamer or Streamer Pro. The user can choose to hear the TV only through their hearing instruments or join in the conversation by keeping the microphones active. 

Streamer Pro purchased separately. 




Ease of use

The TV adapter 2.0 is easy to install and never needs charging. Daily use with Streamer or Streamer Pro is both user friendly and secure. The AutoConnect feature ensures that the ConnectLine TV adapter is always ready for use within a 30 ft range from the user. TV listening starts just by pressing the Audio button on Streamer or the TV button on the Streamer Pro. Indications on the TV adapter give clear status whether transmission is active or in stand-by.


Fashionable design

Its slim, elegant design and inconspicuous appearance makes the TV adapter 2.0 suitable to be placed either on the TV furniture or behind the TV set.

Simple Pairing 
The ConnectLine TV adapter 2.0 automatically detects when a Streamer is in pairing mode and requests pairing. No need for pushing buttons or special power up routines, just place Streamer or Streamer Pro next to the TV adapter.

Fully integrated system 
With ConnectLine the user is in control of the system, not the other way around. Advanced features such as Auto Priority, AutoConnect and SelectMe ensure that the user, for example, can hear and answer a phone call while watching TV.


For users with a need for more than one audio source e.g. two TVs, the SelectMe™ feature enables uncomplicated switching from one adapter to another. Note Streamer Pro requires software version 1.1 or later for this function. Older versions can have their software upgraded for free.


Dolby Digital and digital stereo 
ConnectLine TV 2.0 supports digital sound in two widely used formats: digital stereo (PCM) and Dolby Digital®. This increases the opportunities for users to benefit from streamed sound from home theatre systems and flat panel TVs.


Package Content:

  • ConnectLine TV adaptor 2.0 
  • UK mains power supply
  • 2m TOSLink cable
  • RCA phono cable
  • SCART to RCA adaptor
  • 3.5 to phono adaptor
  • User guide


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