Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0

Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0
Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0 Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0 Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor 2.0
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Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter 2.0

The Oticon ConnectLine Phone adapter 2.0 is the second generation of ConnectLine phone interface. It is a Bluetooth interface between the conventional landline phone installation and the Oticon Streamer 1.4, Ponto Streamer or Streamer Pro which in effect turns a pair of hearing instruments into a wireless headset. It enables the client to access the home phone by using Streamer/Ponto Streamer/Streamer Pro while offering outstanding sound quality, improved intelligibility and hands free phone usage at home.

As part of the ConnectLine system, the Phone adapter works seamlessly and simultaneously with other ConnectLine applications such as cell phone, TV and music player.

The new Phone Adaptor 2.0 has an advanced noise cancellation system to help control background noise so the person at the other end of the line can clearly hear the voice of the person using the ConnectLine system.

Streamer Pro purchased separately. For more information, please see Streamer in 'Associated Items' on right.


Seamless communication

The ConnectLine Phone application is a unique solution which utilizes the hearing aids and Streamer or Streamer Pro to communicate via a standard landline phone present in most homes. The result is the ability to communicate with confidence and convenience. No need to buy and learn a new phone. Due to advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation systems, you will receive clear undistorted conversations

Ease of use

Plugging in between the main phone (or base station) and the phone wall outlet, the Phone adapter installation is remarkably simple.

Once the Phone adapter and Streamer or Streamer Pro are paired, the devices are automatically ready for use whenever they are within 30 feet of each other. Incoming calls are notified in the hearing instruments and accepted by pushing the Streamer Phone button shortly. Outgoing calls are done by dialling the phone normally. The call will transfer automatically to the hearing instruments via Streamer or Streamer Pro.

Fashionable design
The Phone adapter not only looks good, it is also compact to discreetly blend in next to phones or base stations. The clear red phone button and LED for connect status ensures safe operation.

Supplied with: Phone Adaptor, UK main power supply**, phone cable & user guide.

Important Note: The Phone Adaptor will not work with digital office phone systems. Phone adaptors only work with analogue phones.

Warranty: The Telephone ConnectLine Adaptor 2.0 is covered under 1 year international manufacturer warranty. 



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