Phonak MyPilot remote control

Phonak MyPilot remote control
Phonak MyPilot remote control
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The command center for convenient control and status information

myPilot is an advanced remote control that offers one-touch binaural program and volume control.

To have full and discreet control on the current settings of hearing aids at any time and any place and also being able to change settings easily provides reassurance for the hearing aid wearer. The full color display makes myPilot really easy to use.

Why myPilot?


myPilot is in fact more than a one touch binaural program and volume control unit. Program icons and names can easily be changed to fit your preferences. The most important program and volume setting can be stored and recalled at any time with a simple button press. In the ZoomControl screen you can comfortably select all ZoomControl directions without touching the hearing aids.

The choice of two Home screen modes confesses the real potential of myPilot. Choose between detailed program overview in the standard mode, or the direct program access capabilities in the direct control-mode.

Two modes adapt to your different needs

Standard Mode

The standard mode gives full information about program and volume settings including program names and iconic pictures.

Direct Control

The direct control mode assigns hearing programs to dedicated myPilot buttons for a direct control without having to look at the display.

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  • Remote control for volume and program, including separate left/right adjustments
  • Quick access to a pre-defined program and volume setting
  • Full-color display with a choice of two attractive home screen designs. Full iconic view or direct access to programs
  • Access to ZoomControl for compatible hearing aids for user-controlled, focused listening in any direction
  • Read-out of hearing aid status, including battery, program and volume levels
  • Convenient time/date and alarm functions
  • Customizable program names and icons for easy program identification
  • Access to pre-programmed combination of program and volume setting
  • Two attractive color options, high-tech gray or white

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