Siemens easyPocket Remote Control v2

Siemens easyPocket Remote Control v2
Siemens easyPocket Remote Control v2 Siemens easyPocket Remote Control v2
Brand: Siemens
Product Code: Siemens easyPocket v2
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Siemens easyPocket v2 (Primax, Binax, Micon, Orion)
The simple, high-quality remote control for easy handling.

With our sleek, simple easyPocket™ remote control, all the options your hearing solution has to offer are placed at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before.


  1. Key lock switch
    Slide the switch to lock the keys and protect against unintentional changes
  2. Display
    • Indicates change of listening program and volume
    • Status bar (alarm, battery)
    • Function of control buttons
  3. Program change button
    • Press to change current listening program
    • Program change activated when pressed, even when in standby mode (allows for discreet commands, e.g. while the remote is still in your pocket)
  4. Volume up button
    Press to increase volume
  5. Volume down button
    Press to decrease volume
  6. Auxiliary menu
    Press the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously to access the auxiliary menu
    (allows you to set time, set alarm clock, view battery status and contact data)
  7. Upper control button
    Reset hearing instruments to default program/volume
  8. Lower control button
    Mute/unmute hearing instruments
  • Pure Primax
  • Motion Primax
  • Insio Primax
  • Pure Binax
  • Carat Binax
  • Motion Binax
  • Insio Binax
  • Pure Micon
  • Motion Micon
  • Insio Micon
  • Life Micon
  • Aquaris Micon
  • Nitro Micon
  • Orion (RICBTEITC)
  • Orion 2 (BTEITC)
Please message us if you are not sure this remote control will work for your hearing aid.

Included in Delivery:

  • easyPocket 
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • One year repair warranty from Siemens

Please note - 

The Siemens easyPocket needs to be set up with your hearing aids by your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. Before purchasing an easyPocket, you need to contact your hearing aid distributor and confirm that they are happy for you to make an appointment for them to set up your equipment.  

FedEx Express takes around 7 working days

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